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Agape In Action!
Daily news and features about the latest teachings and ministry projects developed and led by Lifech..
Father's House
Father’s House is a living expression of the Agape message Lifechangers is stewarding. ..
Speaking Events
Lifechangers often participates in conferences hosted by leaders in ministry from all over the world..
Recently Released
These products represent some of Lifechangers latest teachings.
It Came to Pass
It Came to Pass Change is inevitable. In this Plumbline, Bob explains how the whole world has been plunged into rapi..
Nourishing the Seed
Nourishing the Seed Nourishing the Seed is the result of my unfolding journey of walking with the Lord for over 55 years..
Thorn-Crowned Son of Man
Thorn-Crowned Son of Man The Scriptures testify: "even when we were dead" in self-love (eros), Father "made us alive together..

Agape in Action
Daily news and features about the latest teachings and ministry projects developed and led by Lifechangers.
2014 Year End Letter

The Point of the Spear To shine upon those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace. Luke 1:79 This theme of darkness and light is taking..

December 2014 Update

This Christmas season, may all the blessings of “God in Christ” be yours! 520 times in the Scriptures our Triune-God is called “the Lord God of hosts” (Ps. 89:8; Jer. 10:16). In hospitalit..

August 2014 Monthly Update
Letter from Bob

Mark Twain said it succinctly: Sorry this letter is so long. I did not have time to write a short one! Here I am at 83 and feel like I am just beginning to be able to articulate the urgent insights..

2013 Year End Letter

Year End Letter 2013 It is a privilege to come into your home by means of this letter. My desire is to identify five issues from current events and compare and contrast them with five spiri..

December 2013 Update
Spring Medical Outreach in Uganda

Sending our warmest love and blessings to you this holiday season! Recently, a dear friend of Bob’s had opportunity to share the Agape/eros paradigm in non-religious terms with an elementary clas..

March 2013 Monthly Update

Father has adopted and received many diverse children (including us) into His one international family here in Uganda, “in order that He might also gather together into one the children of God wh..

February 2013 Update

Our thoughtful Father knew Suzanne needed an extended rest and blessed her with five weeks at home in New Zealand to celebrate her parents’ 50th anniversary. Meanwhile, Eric has been holding down..

The Fusion of the Trinity

Love and greetings to you from your Lifechangers family! I am writing to invite you to participate in a new season of proclamation which the Lord has brought us into. First, let me tell you how we..

February 2011 Update

Sending our love to you and yours! In these days we are being led on a sovereign and thrilling journey into an understanding of the eternal Life that the Father, Son, and Spirit share in Agape–T..

January 2011 Update

In creative, childlike ways, the Spirit of the Lord is indicating to us that 2011 will be a year of kingdom building with the Spirit, on the unshakable foundation of the Son, for the Father. The f..

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