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The Fusion of the Trinity

Love and greetings to you from your Lifechangers family! I am writing to invite you to participate in a new season of proclamation which the Lord has brought us into. First, let me tell you how we got here!

In 1980, while abroad with my Dad (Bob) in ministry, the Spirit of God came upon us together with a generational mandate. The Lord spoke from 1Chronicles 22 describing Solomon’s commission to ‘build the house of the Lord’ which his father David had ‘seen’ and made preparation for. The Holy Spirit revealed to us that the kingdom which my Dad had ‘seen,’ and was boldly proclaiming, the Lord would also ‘build’ through me. Over the past 30 years, this mandate has been confirmed to us in countless ways. Since 1992, the Lord has been progressively laying an ‘unshakable foundation’ for His house through my Dad’s message on the Agape/eros paradigm.

In 2000, the Lord invited my wife and me to ‘sell all and follow’ Him into a new kingdom dimension by asking, “Will you father My children?” He commissioned us to build ‘Father’s House’ by receiving as our own the orphan children He would sovereignly appoint to us (1Thes. 2). Through this international, interracial, intertribal family, Father constructed the most remarkable ‘living model’ of the familial nature of His kingdom. In this ten-year ‘life-lab,’ learning to build with ‘living stones,’ the Lord has progressively revealed the foundation stones, pillars, beams, doors and windows for the greater body of Christ. These ‘building resources’ and corresponding ‘blueprints’ were entrusted to me in ‘pieces’ and carefully catalogued in Plumblines such as: Nesting in His Altar, Our Elder Brother Jesus, Emigrating to the Kingdom, Reciprocal Generosity, Sonship Keeps Lifting Me, Royal Priesthood, Thorn-Crowned Son of Man, Delighting Father, and Eating Jesus. Recognizing the linear development of these messages into one whole set of blueprints, a friend said, “I want to duct-tape all of your Plumblines together!”

Most recently, Father ‘downloaded’ a vision of His kingdom into me which developed almost seamlessly from Eating Jesus, and we are calling it The Fusion of the Trinity. I ‘ate’ it and then I ‘saw’ it! When my Dad heard this word he exclaimed, “It’s the whole House!” Over the past year, as Eating Jesus and Fusion were forming in me, the Spirit has repeatedly said, “This is the substance of your proclamation! The message of the kingdom has come to sufficient maturity in you; it is time to GO and build.” The Fusion message cannot be received “in word only,” as a ‘mailed message,’ it must be imparted relationally in Agape.

Paul wrote, “The fullness of Deity [Father, Son and Spirit] was pleased to dwell [in fusion] in Christ” (Col 1:19). Then Paul said, “I know that when I come to you, I will come in the fullness of the blessing of Christ [the fusion Oneness of God in Christ]” (Ro 15:29). Father has directed me to take this ‘impartation’ first to the communities of our Lifechangers co-workers–among the relationships and churches in which you are invested. The Father, Son and Spirit, in ‘fusion’ with you and me as ‘co-builders,’ are indescribably eager to invite those whom They have prepared in your sphere of influence to be ‘fused’ into the ‘kingdom of the Oneness of God in Christ.’ Ideally, I would like to share an ‘appetizer’ of this message in churches or wider groups of believers, and subsequently open it in a deeper way with those who are drawn by that initial ‘taste’ of the Agape of God. I do not want anything from anyone, only to ‘freely give’ what I have ‘freely received.’

If you are interested in receiving me and allowing the Lord to build His kingdom through us together in your community, please call our Lifechangers office at 1 (800)521-5676.

Eric Mumford

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First session from the Fusion Learning Center

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