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Agape in Action
Father's House > February 2011 Update

Sending our love to you and yours! In these days we are being led on a sovereign and thrilling journey into an understanding of the eternal Life that the Father, Son, and Spirit share in Agape–The Fusion of the Trinity. Eric is now traveling in proclamation in the southeastern states imparting what we have learned so far, and he will gradually proceed throughout the nation. There has been great joy and blessing on this endeavor with the Holy Spirit!

Bob and Eric have received a clear assignment from the Lord to dialogue with astrophysicists, nuclear physicists and particle physicists, etc., to further understand the spiritual pattern and ‘fingerprint’ of the triune God written into Their natural creation (Ro 1:19-20). One recent development we felt prompted to share with you came through a friend and ‘Mumford-tape listener’ named Thomas D’Mulaha who is a particle physicist residing in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Over the past several years, D’Muhala participated with a number of other scientists and physicians of various disciplines in an extensive investigation of the shroud of Turin, the ancient fabric that many believe to be the burial cloth of Jesus bearing the imprint of His body. Their remarkable discoveries are described on a DVD entitled The Fabric of Time, which Bob and Eric recommend to you. The scientific analysis of the shroud by various technological instruments revealed what is carefully explained in this presentation as a quantum hologram—a three dimensional image imprinted on a two-dimensional fabric. This has astounding implications.

Bob and Eric are well-aware of the many bogus claims made about a great many counterfeit artifacts, particularly religious ones; nevertheless, we believe God’s intent for preserving the shroud is not as a basis of believing in Jesus (we are saved by faith—“the substance of things not seen”) but rather for understanding the genetic, fusion reaction that took place in His resurrection causing Him, as our Forerunner, to become the firstborn of a new creation (Col 1:15; Gal 6:15). To be clear, Bob and Eric are not asking you to believe in the authenticity of the shroud or join a spiritual fad or make it a focal point; rather, we wanted to give you an opportunity to consider the evidence of the genetic nature of resurrection power, which you may discover imprinted upon the shroud. The Fabric of Time was produced by Grizzly Adams Family Entertainment, and may be ordered by visiting

A note from Suzanne at Father’s House: "Last night had to be a highlight of six years living in Uganda! I was honored by an invitation to attend Uganda’s National Youth Awards where creative and motivated young people were presented with awards for Social Responsibility and Creative Writing. The First Lady, Janet Museveni (wife of the President of Uganda), was the invited guest speaker; she inspired us with her genuine, godly manner and speech, cheering us onward in drawing out the creativity and destinies of our children! It was just the 'kick in the backside' I needed and a direct answer to my journal entry to Father that morning! Nothing like saluting a First Lady!!! My daughter Jessica and her friend Sanyu danced, and the anointing brought the saturating Presence of Holy Spirit's Wings over the whole assembly! A Christian, Afro-jazz band called Milege whom we have befriended also rocked our world! I was in table-company with my awesome daughter Victoria, and Michael and Keren, but also co-laborers and trusted friends in this high-calling to raise sons and daughters for the kingdom of God! Humbled and thankful to you Father for Your faithfulness!"

The Mumfords

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