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Agape in Action
Father's House > August 2010 Update!
Mumford Family Update

Sending our love and blessings to you! Perhaps it is time for a brief family update from the Mumfords:

Bob will celebrate his 80th birthday on December 29th, and though he is feeling the need to slow down, his doctors say he is in remarkably good health. This is truly a miracle considering Bob suffered for so many years with lead and mercury poisoning from amalgam dental fillings and other sources. It took many years to discover that toxic metals were the source of his sickness because they are so difficult to detect in the body, hiding in the organs. However, through many ‘chelation’ treatments (stripping all metals from the body and restoring the good metals) and dietary changes, he has been cleansed and is recovered. The Lord used this natural infirmity to dramatically illustrate for Bob how eros (self-love and self-will) is a foreign, toxic element hidden in us, the ‘body’ of Christ, for which there is zero tolerance and is causing weakness, paralysis, and decay. The Lord continues to open the kingdom of Agape to Bob in these days. Judith is also in excellent health and enjoying her grandkids and studying devotional classics as well as Bob and Eric’s Plumblines!

Bob and Judith’s daughter Beth is getting married August 21st to a man named J.R. from the Raleigh, North Carolina area who has owned and operated an electronic and appliance store for 38 years. They are enjoying the Lord together, riding his motorcycle, and dancing; we have not seen Beth so peaceful and happy for many years! Beth is working for a Lutheran social services organization in Raleigh, thriving on the challenge of loving foster children and helping them to find placement with suitable families.

Suzanne and Jessica (18) recently visited ‘home’ to New Zealand for Suzanne’s Dad’s 70th birthday and returned to Uganda just beaming! Suzanne’s whole family is wonderful; they loved on her and Jessica for two weeks. In Uganda Jessica is teaching ballet at a French school and waiting to audition for Julliard and Alvin Ailey dance academies in New York City in January. She is also supervising the education of our little ones Moses (6), Eva (6) and Savanna (5) in the mornings.

Meanwhile, Eric and Stephanie (16) have been in the U.S. teaching the kingdom among various groups and churches. Stephanie took her A.C.T. college entrance exam, gearing up to study medicine. She attended an intensive camp at Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C. which facilitated an entire college-level anatomy course complete with lab-time studying real cadavers! With her new driver’s license, Stephanie has been chauffeuring her dad all over the southeast in ministry.

Our Ukrainian daughter Vicka (23) was recently accepted into a Master’s degree program at a university in Uganda to study International Relations and Diplomatic Studies. Vicka is already Father’s ambassador, and He is clearly preparing to take her all the way!

Our Ugandan son Rick (16) has recently spent time with a precious Ugandan dentist and his wife, James and Lorna Magara, who have progressively ministered deliverance to Rick from withcraft. James had a very similar family background and came into total freedom as a young man. He has led Rick into the same marvelous freedom from all the oppression and soul-ties of witchcraft.

In ‘Reciprocal Generosity,’ Eric has mentored the Magara’s four children in the kingdom through teaching sessions in Uganda, discussing Plumblines, and friendship. The Magara kids are at Father’s House every chance they get and participate in all our outreaches.

Bob and Eric will teach a Lifechangers Learning Center in Cookeville, Tennessee, October 15-16. At this ‘family reunion’ we will open a wonderful theme you should not miss called ‘The Fusion of the Trinity.’ We hope to see you there!

The Mumfords

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