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Agape In Action!
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Agape in Action
Father's House > June 2010 Update!
The Magnetism of Jesus

Prescovia is the 10 year-old girl who received the glasses. Her mother and father died of AIDS, and now she and her sister Violet are being cared for by their grandmother Doris.

Michael Stanton prays for a woman diagnosed with cervical cancer.

David Phillips led one of the 6 teams that went door to door, treating people in their homes.

God’s self-sacrificial, self-giving nature (Agape) ‘magnetized’ Him to us, to come among us in the Man Jesus Christ, ‘Immanuel,’ and ultimately, to come into us by His Spirit. A medical team of 28 American doctors, nurses, and their families, joined by two Polish interns, many Ugandan friends, and our own Father’s House kids, just completed two weeks of outreach into a vast slum of 40,000 of the poorest of the poor. Preparing for this third annual medical team in Uganda, the Lord opened His heart to us: “I want to go through you into the ‘homes’ of the slum on ‘house calls’ and not simply receive them into a clinic.” Dividing into six small ‘family’ teams, dressed in blue medical scrubs with backpacks stuffed with exam equipment, de-worming, and malaria medications, we dispersed down the narrow alleys of the enormous slum going ‘door to door.’ One team member from Tennessee testified that the slum was so ‘dark’ in acute suffering, human waste, abuse, and witchcraft that “I could not look to the right or the left, but only down at my feet as I walked. Then, a group of children swamped our little team and suddenly there was a different child holding on to each one of my ten fingers. Immediately I felt Father holding my hands through these kids and that He actually was with me.” Our whole team experienced this breakthrough, allowing Father to touch desperately afflicted people through us.

Each small team examined whole families crowded in their small shacks. Those who required more intensive treatment were given an invitation ‘ticket’ to come in the afternoon to our clinic set up nearby. In community health workshops, we taught ways to prevent common problems. At the clinic, 1000 pairs of flip-flops were distributed, as well as 560 pairs of prescription eyeglasses.

Many sovereign eye-glass fittings occurred. One ten year old girl loved to read but couldn’t see. Among the box full of all adult glasses, there was one small pair that not only fit her perfectly but was the exact prescription she needed! An older woman saw double letters. Staci, from Georgia, who fitted the glasses prayed, “Lord, You’re going to have to make this prescription fit her!” As the woman tried on the very first pair, her eyes got wide, her jaw dropped, and she exclaimed, “I can see!” Staci testified that God kept miraculously adjusting the prescriptions to the specific needs of the people.

One man was prescribed a solitary pill for his condition. He said, “This is all? I need more pills.” When the translator explained to him this one pill is worth $25 dollars (far more than he could earn in a month) he humbly received it, put in his mouth, and reverently made the sign of the cross over his chest (genuflected), and swallowed! What a joy to experience Father’s extravagant, generous love, through our hands, touching 2112 people in the ‘homes’ of the slum and 1371 received through the clinic.

While the team was with us in Father’s House, a very broken, young, Ugandan woman named Dora, who has lived and worked with our family for some months, celebrated her first birthday ever! She did not know her birthday or age, but chose May 28th and age 25. As the 55 of us boomed, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her, she covered her face. Dora came to us having a large chip out of her front tooth and never smiled. Our daughter Vicka took her to have it beautifully capped, and now, little by little, Dora is entering into the freedom and joy of unconscious smiles both inside and out!

The Lord’s directive to go ‘door to door’ in the slum corresponded to, and illustrated, another directive He has unfolded to Eric over this past year. God has called him to ‘Proclamation,’ saying, “The message of My kingdom within you has now come to sufficient maturity. I have given the foundation of My house [the Agape paradigm] to you as an inheritance through your father [Bob]. I have added to you the additional ‘pieces’ of My house–the stones and pillars, the beams and doors. It is time now to GO in proclamation and build My house.”

Just as the working ‘model’ of the familial design and relational nature of the kingdom was revealed to Eric and constructed as ‘Father’s House,’ he will now be going ‘door to door’ to communities, building the members of Christ’s body into ‘fusion’ with one another by proclaiming and imparting a message called ‘The Fusion Oneness of the Trinity.’ Though Father’s House will continue to serve as a base and model, Eric will begin investing time in various communities of our Underwriters and co-workers across the United States, building upon that relational foundation. This new mandate for Lifechangers is the fulfillment of a major, 30-year promise that the Lord gave to Bob and Eric from 1Chronicles 22 in 1980.

You are greatly loved!

The Mumfords

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