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Recently Released
These products represent some of Lifechangers latest teachings.
Acting Against Myself
Acting Against Myself Acting against myself is the proper way to live our Christian life. It has to do with distinguishing..
The Other Side of the Cross
The Other Side of the Cross In this six part series, Bob and Eric join together to bring both theory and application that lead u..
God Magnified, part 3
God Magnified, part 3 "O magnify the Lord with me!"(Ps 34:3). One effective way to closely examine, investigate, and worth..

About Lifechangers
Eric Mumford

Eric Mumford is a Bible teacher with unique prophetic insight and a capacity to interpret and communicate the ways of the Lord that is releasing believers into God’s kingdom purposes. He is equipping disciples to impart the life of Jesus and pioneering creative ministries worldwide as expressions and beacons of Father’s love. As the son of Bob Mumford, and serving in his own full time ministry since 1986, Eric has been saturated in a mandate to reveal Father’s true nature to all peoples. Eric has ministered in some 50 nations, raising up spiritual sons and daughters as ambassadors of their Father’s love.

Eric answered a call to the mission field at age 17, investing three years in evangelism throughout Southeast Asia. At a mission base in Hong Kong, Eric met his wife, Suzanne, who is from Christ church, New Zealand. They were married in 1988 and have two daughters, Jessica and Stephanie. Eric and Suzanne also have a number of “adopted” children both in the former Soviet nation of Ukraine and in Uganda where they have established homes for orphans called “Father’s House” and reside in these nations most of the year.

After graduating from Elim Bible Institute in Lima, New York, Eric earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Management of Human Resources from Roberts Wesleyan College in nearby Rochester. He received his Masters degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Eric served as a pastor for 11 years before joining his father in ministry in 2001 as a Bible teacher and President of Lifechangers.

While away together in ministry in 1980, Eric and his father received a word from the Lord out of I Chronicles 22 that has served as a directive over the years. In this scripture, the Lord appointed Solomon, David’s son, to fulfill the burden of his father’s heart to “build the house of the Lord.” One of the primary themes in Eric’s teaching is the Kingdom of priests, training believers to function in their personal and corporate call to minister to the Lord as a “living temple.”

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