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Agape In Action!
2014 Year End Letter
The Point of the Spear

To shine upon those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death, to g..

December 2014 Update
This Christmas season, may all the blessings of “God in Christ” be yours! 520 times in the Scri..
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Mysterious Seed: by Bob Mumford
Recently Released
These products represent some of Lifechangers latest teachings.
Thorn-Crowned Son of Man
Thorn-Crowned Son of Man The Scriptures testify: "even when we were dead" in self-love (eros), Father "made us alive together..
Agape Road
Agape Road The truths revealed in this book can release you from issues that are keeping you from the fulfillin..
Acting Against Myself
Acting Against Myself Acting against myself is the proper way to live our Christian life. It has to do with distinguishing..

Carrying Agape reformation to the nations. Teaching the body of Christ to reflect the unconditional love of the Father by His Spirit, equipping them to carry the message.
Lifechangers 2015 Retreats

We would like to invite you for a week of teaching and sharing life together in the mountains of North Carolina. Located thirty miles from Asheville and close to Mt Mitchell in the Appalachian moun..

God as a Dwelling Place
Intro to God Magnified and Dwelling Place

Eric recently spent a Saturday sharing four sessions introducing some concepts from the 'God Magnified' teaching. In addition to the introduction of the "God is" statements from scripture, he speci..

February 2015 Update from Bob

The farther we go, the more we know. The more we know, the more we know what we don't know. Consequently, the further we go, the less we seem to know. It does se..

Speaking Events

Lifechangers often participates in conferences hosted by leaders in ministry from all over the world. Check here to receive the latest reports from these events...

Father's House

Father’s House is a living expression of the Agape message Lifechangers is stewarding. We are inviting orphans into the love and security of a real family where they can receive physica..


Daily news and features about the latest teachings and ministry projects developed and led by Lifechangers...

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